Zero-3X Competition Use Suspension for the CR-Z


Just was looking through our archived database and noticed that our ZERO-3X suspension coilovers for the Honda CR-Z have this trick design to it. The external reservoir tanks are mounted with a bracket on the upper hat area, primarily for clearance. Arent they beautiful?

These coilovers feature a mono-tube 24x3 way (damper compression x high speed piston x low speed piston) shock absorber valve adjustment and come with 10k front and 9k rear springs.

There probably arent many CR-Z owner here in the US that tracks their car competitively just yet, but the availability of this product means that there are people in the world who actually race theirs. We have a whole listfull of CR-Z hop-up parts from Cusco, including suspension, suspension components, braces, limited slip differentials, rollcages, and more!