What does a Cusco Strut Tower Bar Do?

Do you have a Cusco Strut Tower Bar?
You’ve probably wondered that while everyone seems to have a Strut Tower Bar on their cars since beginning of tuner history, do they really work? Well, Cusco has pretty much invented the term for tuners back in the 1970’s, when we started rallying.
We ourselves, have been avid users of the parts since we started motorsports, It has been an integral part of making any production vehicle into a performance car.
If you take a look at the photo below, you can see in our purposefully cut bar to show you, just how much a standard unibody of a car can flex out of alignment. Since the Strut Tower Bar is mounted to the base of the suspension component, you can imagine how much the suspension simply goes out of alignment just by jacking up one corner of the car.
When a car is under braking and cornering loads, negotiating irregularity of the asphalt, the effects are much greater. One can see from this, that careful alignment jobs start go out the window, as soon as the body is flexing out of alignment at the base. Cusco Strut Tower bar are designed to reduce this effect, while engineered to only add minimal weight, and improve the handling characters and performance threshold.
This is one of the first steps in preparing a car as all suspension modifications will depend on the unibody’s ability to stay rigid.

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