Toyota CH-R Performance Parts ready in Japan, preparing for the USA.

Toyota's new CH-R Sports Compact Utility vehicle is one that has a very interesting mix of user-friendly dimentions, and yet packed with a fairly capable handling tuning, and a list of impressive performance characters.  Cusco has already introduced some of the items co-developed with Toyota during inception, for sale in Japan where the cars are available.  For the USA market, a few changes are apparent and Cusco is engineering some of the parts to reflect this and proper fit, and quality, as well as funcitonal designed tuned for the North American models, soon to arrive.
Here we peek at some of the new products for the CH-R.

We will update as soon as we finish development and have proper part numbers for the North American market Toyota CH-R components.

 Tow hooks to be ready for track and off-road use.

 License Plate garnish for relocation or reinforcement

 Power Brace full under panel reinforcements

 Strut Tower Bar made with extruded alloy stock.

 Front and Rear Anti-Roll Stabilizers (Sway Bars)