Quick Update: Cusco USA Scion FR-S Build

As you may know by now, Cusco USA is building a Scion FR-S as a demo vehicle since Cusco is the very first company in the world to have this much goods ready for the consumer market. Here is our new product release which has all the products we currently have ready. (Some products are still under development)

Link to Site: Click HERE

Cusco FR-S 6 speed






















The FR-S will be outfitted with various underbraces, sway bars, suspension coilovers, LSD, differential cooling cover, Winmax brake pads, Yokohama tires, and Enkei wheels. This list is still growing and pending further development of the vehicle makeup.

Cusco ZERO 3 Competition Suspension





















The main emphasis on the modification list is the suspension coilover system. The ZERO 3 is categorized as competition use only, which is obviously exhibited by its aggressive features. The monotube 24 way damper adjustable shock absorber is a fully threaded inverted design, and surely enough the ride height can be adjusted without tampering with the spring preload/shock stroke setting. The camber adjustable pillowball mount enables a more direct road surface feel (good for race tires) compared to the comfy factory rubber mounts.

Cusco ZERO 3 inverted shock

These ZERO 3 can be ordered with custom spring rates as well as special valving. (needle valve design)

Winmax brake pads were chosen to compliment the rest of the setup, as Sports rank pads were chosen for street/circuit use. These provide up to 0.39 mu of friction and effective up to 750 degrees Celcius and has minimal brake dust characteristics with a great initial bite. In Japan, Winmax is used by many professional Gymkhana and Rally teams, but virtually unknown in the United States.







The ARMA series will be available in the US very soon, please keep an eye out for it.

Winmax Japan Web Site













Lastly, the FR-S came factory with this metal underplate, which we imagine is great for protection and preventing wind drag. I think all enthusiasts will agree when we say that all sportscars should come with a solid underplate!