Quick Update 2: Cusco USA Scion FR-S Build

A new day, more progress is made for the Cusco USA Scion FR-S build BIG thanks to our official Cusco authorized install shop, Bluemoon Performance in Costa Mesa, CA. After the rear differential housing had been yanked out of the car, the casing was cracked open for the Cusco Type RS LSD install. We offer several different kinds of Limited Slip Differentials, and the differences and the settings can be found here:

Download Link 1.1MB PDF: LSD Guide Final small

Cusco FR-S Type-RS LSD & Differebtial Cover


What's that anodized blue metal thing you say? This is our newest product for the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Its basically a differential cover that replaces the factory one for increased gear oil displacement (+500cc up). The sharp edges are whats called a "heatsink" and can be seen on top of computer processors which aids in dissipating heat, keeping the oil temperatures very low. For a street car, this mod is kind of an overkill since the limited slip works optimally at a specific heated gear oil temp, so its important to maintain that target temperature. Nevertheless, for a full blown race car any form of cooling modification wont hurt. There are also two bungs on the lower portion of the plate for oil cooler and pump installation, widely seen on JGTC and other professional motorsports vehicles.


Installing a limited slip differential should be done by professionals only, since it involves a lot of technical and intricate skills very similar to building an engine. One mistake and your ring gear can chip, causing the shrapnel to grind inside the limited slip unit causing the entire unit to blow up. Here, the backlash is being set and checked for tooth contact between the ring and pinion gear. This number depends on what type of materials the ring and pinion is comprised of, as well as a street car setting, and race application.

The ring gear is checked for tooth contact pattern by setting the backlash via shims. Please leave LSD installs to professionals and do not attempt to do this yourself!

And here it is, the finished product ready to be installed on our FR-S. The standard limited slip clutch plate break-in period applies so looks like well be doing figure 8's in our lot for a while!

Photo and installation credits:

Bluemoon Performance Inc. (website coming soon!)

3042 Enterprise St. Unit F

Costa Mesa, CA

Bluemoon Performance Official Facebook