Quick Update 4: Cusco USA Scion FR-S Build

Quick update part 4!

Today as we focus on getting the suspension dialed in and a few miscellaneous upgrades, we noticed that the front underside of the vehicle has not been covered yet. A Cusco Powerbrace Front Member is by far the most visible under there, accompanied by the two Powerbrace Front Lower Arm pieces towards the front bumper. No matter how small or ineffective  these Powerbraces look, they have been tested on ANSYS chassis simulation software and has been proven effective by many professionals. Another important point for these braces is that they tie the key points of the chassis that is prone to slop and wear, strengthening much like a full stitch welding.

Cusco Powerbrace, ZERO 3 Suspension

A 20mm diameter solid sway bar has also been installed for trhe front, and a 16mm hollow one for the rear. These specifications are specifically designed for high grip tires and aggressive driving on a vehicle that has a dropped stance. The front sway bar provides 75% more stiffness compared to factory, and the rear 68%.We even have off road Rally sway bars available too, at a Front 16mm OD 21% softer than factory, and Rear 14mm OD 27% softer.

Front Lower Arm + Front Member Powerbrace



More updates to come! Please stay tuned!!