Cusco Rollcage Testimony by NASIOC

Here's a story we ran across on the Nasioc forums about a track enthusiast who rolled his vehicle out on the race course. Cusco rollcages are a controversial topic across almost all types of car related message forums, so rather than dive into this sensitive debate, we would like to let the photos speak for themselves. Cusco has received many letters from enthusiasts across the globe with graphic vehicle roll over photos attached. A thank you note is often accompanied with the photos from the owners that just had their lives saved.

It looks like the rollcage that this particular enthusiast had been a regulation capacity roof type, which retains the rear seats and enables passengers.

Of course, we stand behind all of our products which are designed and tested by chassis engineers and professional race car drivers and not made by any "assumptions" or "guesses". The topic of the legality of these cages in sanctioned North American races have been beat to death on the internet, so we would just like to state that our roll cages are legal to be used only in various FIA Sanctioned events. Meaning: the FIA has to perform a tech inspection on your vehicle for whatever race series you are running in. Please check with existing regulations before participating in any motorsports event. The FIA is a global organization.














The primary objective when constructing our rollcages is not about the "JDM" look or even about chassis stiffening. It's solely engineered to protect the occupants during a vehicle roll over. Vehicle roll over does not equate to impact collisions.

Modern day vehicles are designed with crumple zones to absorb some of the impact to decrease force to the vehicle occupants during a collision. Cusco products are not made for vehicle collision therefore all products are for off-road use only. Another way of looking at this previous statement is, who buys racing products thinking that they are going to crash the car anyway? No, people buy racing parts so they can be faster out on the track. Although Cusco Rollcages are solely made to protect against roll overs, our other suspension parts are made to stiffen up the chassis and keep the mechanical geometry properly aligned under high loads.

Remember, a rollcage must be used with a properly approved (SFI or FIA) helmet and non-expired racing harnesses to ensure the maximum safety of the enthusiast.

Apparently, the cabin remained intact and the driver walked away from the crash that occurred at the infamous Buttonwillow raceway. We would like to thank the owner for sharing his experiences and wish him the best for future race events.