2017 STRADIA II-TYPE XL - Be the first to have one!

CUSCO x BRIDE Stradia II Standard and XL Sizes now in stock!   

New for 2017, we've addressed the issue of narrow seating width of the superb Stradia II Full Racing Recliner by adding a new model that's wider and taller for plus-sized drivers.
Just as the standard sized Stradia II, the Low-Max settings are possible on select applications and are fully safety-tested to standards in the industry for rigidity and fire retardant characteristics.

Also in stock are the Digo III Light "touring seats," featuring the comfort of bolster-less bottom and simple styling.  Completely ergonomic however and idea for street cars, trucks and minivans, or even office and living room ergonomic seating.  Optional armrests complete the package for luxury passenger use as well.
These do not stay in stock long so please hurry and place your orders to avoid a delay in your spring racing or building season!~

  • Stradia II  
    • Standard Cushion BRD-G33SCF
    • Lowered Cushion BRD-G23SCF
  • Stradia II TYPE XL
    • Standard Cushion BRD-G55SCF
  • Gias (High Botton Support Version of Stradia II Standard) 
    • Standard Cushion BRD-G32SCF


DIGO III LIGHT (without Armrests) - Part #BRD-D45ACS
DIGO III LIGHT CRUZ (with Armrests)  - Part # BRD44ACS
* Armrests are option at $88 USD per side