New Product: Touring-A Shock Absorbers


OEM replacement shock absorbers that retain factory height

Enhances comfort and improves the sport driving experience!
Features 40 way adjustable shock dampening
Subaru Vehicle Appliications

  • 40 level shock dampening adjust
  • Upright, Twin tube, OEM dimension shock strut
  • OEM Dimension: Shock length, Rod Length, Stroke, Spring Seat
  • Factory upper mounts, OEM (big) spring reused (Also complies to OEM dimension lowering springs)
  • CPRV (Corrective Pressure Regulating Valve) featured
  • Retains comfort and stability especially when dampening is set at a soft level
  • Noiseless design (prevents “squishy” sounds commonly experienced with OEM)
  • e-con2 compatible (sold separately)
  • 140% stiffer than factory OEM dampening rate (when set at max hard)
  • Springs not included
  • Reuse of OEM factory springs will not change vehicle height
  • 1 year 10,000km limited warranty (Japan only)


Featuring: CPRV Technology

An pressure dependant bypass is designed at the base of the damper rod where the amount of hydraulic fluid passes through is automatically compensated for the perfect dampening rate. This feature serves vital when the dampening approaches a dangerously low level typically experienced at the low and mid shock dampening rate.




WRX STI (GRB, GVB, GRF, GVF)             Part # [Fr: 692 65T F Rr: 692 65T R]
Legacy Touring Wagon (BR9/BRM/BRG)  Part # [Fr: 687 65T F Rr: 687 65T R]
Legacy Outback (BR9/BRM/BRF)             Part # [Fr: 689 65T F Rr: 689 65T R]
Legacy B4 (BM9/BMM/BMG)                    Part # [Fr: 687 65T F Rr: 687 65T R]
Forester (SH5/SH9/SHJ)                           Part # [Fr: 677 65T F Rr: 677 65T R]
Forester (SJ5/SJG)                                   Part # [Fr: 697 65T F Rr: 697 65T R]
BRZ (ZC6), Toyota 86 (ZN6)                     Part # [Fr: 965 65T F Rr: 965 65T R]

Front & Rear: $1,040 USD (MSRP)
Front Only: $560 USD (MSRP)
Rear Only: $480 USD (MSRP)
Enthusiasts who want a bit more than factory suspension
Enabling specic damper setting for varying road conditions
Users who enjoy the factory vehicle height

*Genuine 100% Made in Japan

**Factory damper setting comparable at 20 clicks (For most applications)

Cusco USA website:

Press Release PDF Download (700kb Letter size): Touring A Letter