Lexus RC, from Luxury Touring Coupe to New Levels...

Lexus RC, from Luxury Touring Coupe to New Levels...

Lexus RC coupes are one of the best luxury touring chariots to speed along the highways of the world.  It's mild and utter stability and distinct precision in handling the roads is phenomenal.
The sheer comfort and driving experience that is free of fatigue, is unparalleled while the RC can cover many miles quickly.
At Cusco we understand why the owners made the choices they did, and spend our research based on the character of this fine luxury touring car.
Here are a combination of parts we offer from long days of R&D and for the sole purpose of customizing the individual experience further, to tailor the RC to owner's fine preferences.

Applications for Lexus RC models (RC200t, RC350, RC300h) 
Chassis Code ASC10, GSC10,  and AVC10

Strut Tower Bar
Part # 969-542-A
JAN CODE: 4996338039002
MSRP: $240 USD
** Not Compatible with RC-F

Cusco Power Brace
By solifiying key areas of the chassis and unibody, the RC can achieve a more accurate alignment under load, and translate this to enhanced precision for drivers who are eager to turn each corner, each crest, and each apex into excitement, and confidence.
These additions also put more load on the suspension, and alleviate the load-flex of the chassis to enhance comfort and accuracy of each driver input, and feedback without sacrificing any comfort or road noise.

Front Power Brace
Part #: 988-492-F
JAN Code: 4996338048691
MSRP: $267 USD

Front Cross Member Power Brace
Part #: 988-492-FM
JAN Code: 4996338048707
MSRP: $267 USD


Side Member Power Brace
Part #: 988-492-RM
JAN Code: 4996338048684
MSRP: $187