CUSCO x BRIDE Collaboration Seat

The long awaited CUSCO x BRIDE collaboration seat is finally here. Making its official debut and announcemet of SEMA of 2012, these seats have made its way to the long list of the Cusco product lineup. All Bride seats are hand crafted in Japan and are FIA approved (*most models).

What differs these seats from the normal Bride seats are the special fabric design and Cusco logo incorporated within the seat back. The fabric was chosen to enhance the specific areas of the seat such as better contoured holding grip, and ease of getting in & out of the vehicle. However, dimensionally and structurally- nothing has changed as Bride's superior engineering and craftsmanship is the key points to which the professional racers desire the most.

Available Now:


    • DIGO Light+C,
    • DIGO Light+C CRUZ
    • EURO II+C
    • STRADIA II+C SPORT (Also in Wider XL)
    • ZETA III+C (type-L, type-XL, SPORT-C) (Also in Taller L, and Wider XL)
    • VIOS III+C Low Max (SPORT-C)


Custom seats are available upon special order, seat rails and accessories are also available for most popular vehicle models. Please inquire within for details.

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