Cusco Close Ratio Trans Gears & Final Gear

Close Ratio Transmission Gear Sets & Final Gears for various vehicle applications

Close ratio transmission gear sets and final gear (ring & pinion) have completed development and are ready for street & circuit use!

  • Gear ratios optimized for motorsports and circuit use through countless hours of testing.
  • Cusco products are derived straight from the field of motorsports.
  • Our past records and championships serves as vital feedback data for product R&D.
  • Countless hours of research and development dedicated to drop seconds o lap times.
  • Precision spec, highly quality, and extra durable which applies to both street and competition.
  • Real products will produce real reasults, only from Cusco!


Close Ratio Transmission Gears Vehicle Applications: [Toyota] 86, Starlet, MR2, Corolla Levin, Sprinter Trueno, Celica [Nissan] Sunny [Honda] City, Civic, Integra, CR-X [Mazda] RX-7, Demio [Mitsubishi] Mirage [Subaru] BRZ [Daihatsu] Storia [Lotus] Elise, Exige

Final Gear Ring & Pinion Vehicle Applications: [Toyota] Corolla Levin, Sprinter Trueno, Celica [Honda] Civic, Integra [Mitsubishi] Lancer Evolution IV, V, VI, Mirage [Lotus] Elise, Exige

Please check out the attached application sheet for specific info including gear ratios and MSRP pricing.

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PDF Download (Prices in JPY, 725kb size) Close Final Gear Set A4.pdf

PDF Download (Prices in USD, 725kb size) Differential Final Gear Set Letter.pdf

Cusco Driveline Components for Toyota 86 / Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

Designed for the factory Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ 6 speed manual transmission, the close ratio gear set is ideal for keeping the power and torque band at its most effective region. The kit consists of a close ratio1st and 2nd gear which prevents engine revolution drop during up-shifting to keep the RPMs inthe optimal range. Combined with a lower ratio 4.566 final gear, this is the most powerful modication that can be done to extract the full potential of the naturally aspirated machine.


Close Ratio Gear Set


4.556 Ring and Pinion Final Gear Set


PDF Download (385 kb A4 size): 86 BRZ Gears_A4.pdf

PDF Download (360 kb Letter Size): 86 BRZ Gears_Letter.pdf