Cusco Battery Bracket

Cusco Battery Bracket

Cusco Battery Bracket Stays are made from the same quality alloys that are found in our lightweight, high-strength tower bars. To complete your engine bay with additional piece of mind, and finish off that show car touch.

Available in multiple sizes for different applications. See Diagram Photo and chart below.

TYPE-A (129mm Battery 15mm Offset) Part: 00B-745-A

TYPE-B (173mm Battery 15mm Offset) Part: 00B-745-B

TYPE-C (129mm Battery Width) Part: 00B-745-C

TYPE-D (173mm Battery Width) Part: 00B-745-D

MSRP $78.00 ea.


Note: Cannot be replaced with following type of Factory Battery Tie-Down (Mounting on body frame - one side)