"CC" Upper Mounts for Camber and Caster Adjustments


Featuring the traditional durability and performance of Cusco's upper mount technology, design, and materials, we've taken it up another level for those professional level racing teams where every fraction of a second counts.  We've now designed the ability to adjust the caster in the alignment of the chassis and suspension.

By adjusting the caster, we can tune the on-center feel for the driver, as well as add or subtract the effective camber rate at dynamic steering motions as the front tire sweeps towards steer axis lock.
This is especially important in tuning drift cars and rally cars as motions of the car is frequently controlled even at the steering limits.  For high speed racing and also for street uses, the adjustment can also be made for the reason of self-centering a very wide set of wheels, or critically at extreme speeds in a straight line stability as well.

Available for all Cusco complete kit Suspension Systems as well as select stock replacement shocks.  Due to the nature of the mount, the upper mount location may affect the height of the vehicle by as much as 23mm, so please be sure you can accommodate the extra thickness with vehicle clearances, or have the ability to adjust by the figure.

Compatible Cusco Suspension Systems:
Cusco Sport S, Sports R, Sport X, Sport G,
Cusco Zero 3S, R, G, X
Cusco Street A" systems

Product Part #  692-63X-01SN

Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ/GDB Impreza 
Product Part # 965-63X-01SN