NEW 2014 CUSCO Street Series Suspension Kit Release

NEW 2014 CUSCO Street Series Suspension Kit Release

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Cusco would like to introduce a new suspension coilover line up which supercedes all currently existing STREET category coilovers (Street Spec & Street ZERO). These coilovers are split into two colors (blue & red) for vehicle genre, and furthermore split into four model lineups according to their height adjustment structure and shock absorber dampening adjustability.
These new suspension coilovers are priced very competitively and are proudly- 100% made in Japan.

Every shock absorber featured in this STREET Suspension lineup features a twin-tube unit that caters to comfort and sporty performance, especially ideal for daily use. Our top of the line STREET ZERO-A model features a new CPRV technology which prevents the shock dampening rate from dropping to dangerously low levels in order to upkeep superior comfort.

ATTN: Cusco Authorized Dealers - Please make sure to download the 2014 STREET Suspension Guide, Vehicle Application List, and Official Press Release for details on each coilover unit and their specific features as well as US MSRP. Download links are also at the bottom.


Introducing, 4 new Cusco Suspension Series Lineup:


2014 STREET series


ATTN: Cusco Authorized Dealers - Download Files

New Suspension Guide Details for authorized CUSCO Dealers (1.5mb pdf)

Vehicle Application List for 2014 STREET Series Suspension (184kb xlsx)

New Product Press Release download (1.1mb pdf)

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