2015 Subaru WRX STI: Visual Test Fitment Phase 1

Test Fitment Phase 1: Cross referencing existing Cusco products primarily for visual test fitment on the 2015 Subaru WRX STI VA2 (*Visual only, not tested for performance)

The following information should only be used for reference until further comprehensive testing have been performed. Do not attempt to utilize these Cusco products on a 2015 Subaru WRX STI until our R&D team have fully confirmed and tested the components on the vehicle. Read at your own discretion.

Since the majority of the Subaru WRX STI chassis lineage doesn't fall too far from the tree, there has been many cases of concurrent parts fitment with previous generation WRX/STI models and even with other Subaru cars. However in the realm of the aftermarket components, although the product may be a physical fit, it doesn't necessarily mean that it can and should be utilized on the vehicle. Any component applied to the vehicle should be considered for use only after it has been approved by qualified engineers and has undergone the appropriate testing phases. Common sense as well as data logged from the past indicates that the closest vehicle in terms of specification to the 2015 WRX STi (VA2) is its predecessor, 2011 Subaru WRX STI (GVB, GRB).

1.) Front Strut Tower Bar

A Cusco Strut Tower Bar 694 540 A for the Subaru Impreza XV (G4, Impreza Sport) models (GPE, GP7) models has been a pretty close match for fitment. While the strut tower structure and mounting points remains the same distance between the 2011 & 2015 WRX STI, the intercooler comes in contact with the center portion of the strut bar. The left side strut tower bracket also makes contact with the plastic cover located on the firewall. Purely based on dimensional speculation, further strut bar fitment testing will be pursued with an alternate 697 540 A part number which is an application for the SJG Subaru Forester vehicle.

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2.) Anti-Sway Bars

Anti-sway bars: The dimensions (bends/angle) remain identical to that of the 692 311 version for the 2007-2014 Subaru WRX STI (GRB, GVB) however, a contrast between bar thickness is evident since the new 2015 models come with an factory OEM 24mm unit while the Cusco version for the 2011 STI is 23mm. The bracket and end link mounting locations are identical. Softer sway bars serve beneficial purposes depending on the type of motorsport and driver preference however for road racing enhancements, stiffer usually is the key. The rear factory sway bars were found to be 20mm, whereas the Cusco unit is an identical 20mm also. Now that the shape of the sway bar has been confirmed, thicker units will soon be planned for development.


3.) Rear Arms

Lateral arm: 692 474 L - Structurally, everything looks identical to the 2011 WRX STI (GRB, GVB) except the shock strut mounting point is offset negative to an outward position by approx 9mm.



(Front side) Identical to 2011 WRX STI (GRB, GVB) except for an existing threaded hose bracket mount fused on to the new 2015 WRX STi factory arm itself.

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Trailing arm: Looks very promising in a direct side by side visual comparison against the 965 474 T (Scion FRS & Subaru BRZ) trailing rod. Test fitment still pending for this item.


3.) Engine Mount

Engine/Transmission mount: Part no 660 911 SET looks very optimistic for fitment. This Cusco engine/transmission mount set complies to a variety of EJ series engine and its chassis.

4.) Steering Rack Brace

Steering rack powerbrace: Looks very promising in a side by side visual comparison to the Steering rack Powerbrace 692 026 ALHD. This part number has already been confirmed fitment on the Subaru chassis GRB, GVB, GH8, YA5, SH5, SH9, BP5, BP9 so far.

5.) Lower Arm Bar

Lower arm bar: Since the new offset engine position in these chassis, surrounding components such as the lower arms were incorporated with a lowered center of gravity therefore the STI GRB/GVB units (692 477 A & 692 475 A)


6.) Powerbrace

Powerbrace: 692 492 RM - Spare tire well conflicts with this straight Rear Member Powerbrace piece. This is due to the whole new rear monocoque design.

Powerbrace: 692 492 M - A strengthening brace is already included from factory however dimensionally, the Cusco Powerbrace looks as though it may be a fit.

Powerbrace: 692 492 C, 692 492 R, 692 492 RS - Since much of the under floor design has completely changed, these braces are speculated as non fitment.

Powerbrace: 692 492 FM, 692 492 RE - Have yet to remove bumpers and confirm fitment. Pending.


6.) Tow Hook

Front 687 017 F - Fits with correct thread but possibly 10mm too long.

Rear 693 017 R - Great fitment visually.

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Corner Weight Information (Empty fuel tank, full STI options equipped)

Front Right: 443.61 kg (978 lbs)

Front Left: 458.58 kg (1011 lbs)

Rear Right: 296.20 kg (653 lbs)

Rear Left: 309.80 kg (683 lbs)

Total Weight: 1,508.19 kg (3,325 lbs)

Cross Weight: 49.95% (Front Right x Rear Left)

Front / Rear Ratio: Front: 59.82%  Rear: 40.18%