2013-2018 Toyota RAV4 (4th Gen) Front Strut Tower Bar

2013+ Toyota RAV4 (XA40 - 4th Gen model) Front Strut Tower Brace

Lexus RX350, Toyota RAV4, and the Japanese market Toyota Harrier share the same strut tower design, and share the same Cusco Strut Tower Bar.
Even modern cars such as the Rav4 and RX350 are not immune to chassis flex and deterioration over time, as all metals flex to an extent.
By using Cusco Tower Bars and Power Braces strategically, comfort can increase with shocks and struts doing more work to isolate you from the road harshness.
The more structurally rigid chassis can provide you with less alignment changes and precision in communication with the road as well.
We've provided the basic installation guide here as well.

Applications for 2013+ Toyota RAV4 models (Includes Hybrid model) 
Chassis Code: XA40

Strut Tower Bar
Part # 977-540-A
JAN CODE: 4996338977090
MSRP: $200.00 USD


Installations are pretty simple, Bolt-on procedure. There is no need to modify or cut OE components.

 - Step 1
Open hood and prep all required tools.

  • 14mm Offset wrench
  • 17mm Wrench
  • 14mm Deep Socket & Ratchet Wrench
  • 8mm HEX (For Strut Tower Brace)
  • Needle Pliers (For removing the connector)

- Step 2

Remove all OE nuts from Strut mounts (x3 on each side) at Ground position. Do not lift the car. Keep all x6 OE nuts in safe place for your future's use. Disassemble CUSCO Front Strut Tower Brace before start working. Side brackets are needed to be installed individually first.


- Step 3

Place x3 supplied spacers on each stud bolt on both sides as shown in following pictures.


- Step 4

Place CUSCO Side Brackets only on both sides.



- Step 5

The connector on Brake Reservoir Tank is needed to flip 180 deg. to have enough clearance with the bar as shown below.




- Step 6

Tighten both side brackets by using supplied nuts (x6 pcs.). Tightening Torque is 50-55 ft-lbs. Place the center bar on both brackets tighten both ends by using 17mm wrench and 8mm HEX key wrench.



- Step 7

Please make sure all tightening points and clearance for all components.


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